Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wall Mural Painting-Aug, 2010

The previous few projects were successful and we move on with the next project for a much bigger AP Restaurant with 4 walls..2 green walls at the smoking area and 2 orange walls in the non-smoking area. The concept this time is Rainforest/Forest Reserve.

The Artist.
Wall mural designs are based on the size and length of the wall, and also the shape and design of the restaurant. Rough sketches are done and approved upon starting this very rush project that took 8 full days of day and night shift..Superb..!

Sketches of the waterfall base on Feng Shui for the restaurant with the Rainforest theme.

The the entrance at the right wall..

The water flow for the lengthy wall..

The water flow for the lengthy wall..

The shape of the wall could be a small challenge for the mural design..

Rough sketch..the paper was then stained when the painting was in progress..

The artist at work..

The artist at work ..painting the cave as sketched..

Details..Left wall by the entrance..(with night yellowish lighting).

The artist at work during the day..painting the tree with the roots crawl from above the cave..

The tree above the cave..Left wall.

Details..under the night yellowish lighting. the entrance at the left wall.

Details..left wall.

Rocks may be careful where you step..
Details..left wall..

The slope. Be careful..not a not climb up..
Details..Left wall.

The tree placed between the smoking area entering into the non-smoking area..
Right wall.

Forest inside the non-smoking area..Left wall.

Details..left wall.
Align Center
Details..left wall.

Details..left wall.

Close up details..left wall.

Fallen tree trunk became home for creatures..where mushrooms grow..
Details..left wall.

Rough sketch..

The corner inside the non-smoking area..Left wall.

Oops..! Do not pluck/destroy the nature in the forest reserve...

Do not pick mushrooms..might be poisonous.

Do not disturb the serenity of the nature..

Nature and art are the need appreciation..

A fan of art..who also appreciates the nature..
Another successful project done in August, 2010.