Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Children's Face Painting

Face Painting is always fun to highlight and brighten a Fun Fair, Family Day or party with children besides balloon sculpture and bubbly clowns who will organize some games. Children are always thrilled, lined up and wait anxiously for their turn to have a painted face..sometimes adults would join in the excitement too!

Children's Party Full Face Painting..Tiger.

Children's Quickie Face Painting..Fire breathing dragon.

"Not too rock please.."

"I want to look like my Parrot..!"

"Halloween is near..I want an evil Batman.."

Children's Quickie Face Painting..Ladybird

Fire breathing dragon.

Children's Quickie Face Painting@Art Fair

Butterfly in the making..

A little loverboy wants a rose at his cheek..!

Simple Body Art for children.

For enquiry and booking, please call: +6 016 2047633.
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elvis Presley - King Of Rock N' Roll Costumes.

There are few Elvis Presley costumes have been made with complete research of every details specially designed and put together to create marvelous detailed work. Cutting that fits and defines the shape of the body..costumes that brings the best out of the character!

Alex Wong in action..
Elvis Nite on Christmas Eve with Lite'FM, year 2008

The stunning eye catching front view of the suit.
"The photographers from the medias took many close-up pictures..!"
Alex Wong said during The Elvis Trio show in 2007..

Every details are carefully designed and put together to create a Masterpiece..
Some says that this is better than the original!

The look in the eye of an eagle is never wrong..
Details and outlines of all 9 eagles are finely hand embroidered with golden thread.

2 belt buckle piece have been specially designed to be detachable, changeable and washable.

Details of the waist belt carefully chosen and designed to suit the look of the "King".

Beads and embellishments of different sizes and shapes are in place for perfection.

Embroidered golden eagles and beading at both side of arm, cuff, collar and the pants with a box pleated opening to a bell-bottom/boot cut.

Placement of beading at the back view is like a firework.

The Designer, Ellie Ng.. and the Elvis Impersonator, Alex Wong.
She.. who creates and produce some of the finest masterpieces with her hands..
and he..was awarded as The Best Elvis Impersonator in Malaysia with the best voice, best dressed and moves..and he is the youngest and among the best Elvis Impersonator around!


Elvis Golden Suit for Alex Wong, Elvis Impersonator Malaysia
Elvis Nite, Christmas Eve 2008.

Silver glass beading randomly and full at the silver collar, pocket and cuff.
For Alex Wong, Elvis Impersonator Malaysia.

Another slightly different Elvis Golden Suit
for Everet Loong, Elvis Impersonator Malaysia
(Aldridge was modeling for the photo. The width suits him, but not the length..obviously.)