Friday, December 9, 2011

Holloween Face Painting

Face painting and make-up could be challenging as to suit and enhance the beauty of the face, but Holloween face painting is completely different. It is always so freestyle, and the uglier the face is painted, the more fun and exciting the party becomes.

Jeepers Creepers..

Nasty accident

The Two-Faced was executed..

Deep cut..

Pumpkin Face..

"Who's playing hide and seek behind that tree? That was me.."

"That surgeon did a bad job. I'm gonna' get him.."

"My boyfriend did this to me because I looked at another guy.."

"I've got my eyes wide opened..I can see what you're doing.."


"Please don't touch my's gonna' shatter at any moment.."

"You better shut up before my dark side come out and get you.."

The Joker..

"I can't shut my mouth.."

The Green goes party..

Rock it hard, babe..

Watch the Pumpkin plays..

Slashin' smashin' party jam..

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* Face Painting course available.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Henna and Body Art

There are so much to explore in Make-Up and Body Art. Mediums are as unlimited as imagination and creativity. However, the best idea is still something that is so versatile, and you can change design every now and then.

Anything a Textile Artist can draw..

As a professional Make-Up Artist, it's always fun to explore..
Sky is the limit..
Traditional Henna Drawing

Revolution from just tradition.

Almost anything you request..

Simple yet Traditional

Henna as Temporary Tattoo.

Henna as Body Art

Henna in Chinese

Henna as Body Art

Simple and modernized..

Simple and traditional.

Traditional Henna

Henna as Temporary Tattoo and Body Art.

For booking and enquiry, please call: +6 016 2047633.
Thank you!