Monday, April 26, 2010

Art Gallery - 1st Grand Opening Exhibition

The Grand Opening of CASTOR & POLLUX Art Gallery on the 9th May.
There were 6 Guest Artists exhibit their artworks together with 1 In-house Artist of CASTOR & POLLUX for the first exhibition ever..
"Forest Of Dreams.."

The painted walls of the Gallery area..

Golden Trees in the magical forest..

Another piece of the wall in the studio as a part of the Art Gallery..

Far left Art Gallery area.
Art pieces fits in the spaces beautifully..

Far right Art Gallery area.
Art pieces fits in the spaces beautifully..

Art pieces fits onto the white wall perfectly..

"Why Don't You Come And Fly With Me..? by Arbaayah Zain(Abby)

"Gold Series" by Beatrice Looi..

"What The Hoot" series by Bennylita Nasution..

"Mandala" series by Jason Zeck Lee..

Technical hand drawn "Poem Collection" and "Fine Thoughts Collection" by Ellie Ng..

Don The Cat series and Naive Art by Felicia Loh..

"Mother Is My Job's Name" by Mira Jamal.
It was such an interesting exhibition and have drawn a crowd bigger than we have expected. Thanks to all art supporters..
and we are looking forward for more interesting exhibitions in the future.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Assisting Michelle Hee & Chella

We were assisting Michelle Hee, a petite young Fashion Designer with a huge talent..
as she was competing with 7 other finalists during MIFA' November, 2008.
She won the Grand Prize as the Most Promising Young Designer Award of MIFA' 2008.
When first seeing her sketches, we know her project would be one of the most exciting..
because there were some of the craziest cuts and it is not easy to produce perfect fitting garments with mostly non-stretchable fabrics..but we did it!

5 of her dresses were made by CASTOR & POLLUX..
another round cropped-neck top was added later.

Fitting has never been so easy when the actual models were so much taller..

It was such a relief when the garments were fitting perfectly without any alteration needed.

Fitting the special engineered metal piece onto Deana's body and all those adjustments were such a challenge as well..

Tengku Azura made an appearance on the show and Michelle's best dress was chosen.

Lots of frills and detachable layers.

As seen clearly, placement of details can distort the body curves and figure.
But yet, this have been one of the most popular dress among the models.

The round cropped-neck top.

This design seems like a combination of more than 1 layer of outfit,
but it's only 1 layer.
The tricks lies on how to play with all the joining lines and seams.

The winning look of the Best Avant-Garde Design Award.

______________ . ______________

We are still assisting Michelle as she launch her clothing line.. "Chella".. she continue with her rocking wild designs..
The structured "Gaga" jacket..

..and some of the craziest cuts that really puts the drafter to the test.

A simple suggestion could turn the whole jacket to such a value..

Just a suggestion added to the front chest..
from shoulder, curve all the way down to the button.

The structured "Gaga" jacket..

Working with her is always an exciting challenge.
We wish her success with "Chella" and her career as a Fashion Designer.

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