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Piala Sri Endon - Dec.2010

Piala Sri Endon(PSE) is a Batik Design of the most prestigious competition held annually by Yayasan Budi Penyayang to promote Batik Designs in art, craft and fashion through culture and tourism of Malaysia.

The Piala Sri Endon Award, 2010

With the theme "Life Under The Sea", we named our team 'M.E.F.A' and joined the Batik Fashion category in the competition since the submission of sketches and ideas in July, 2010.

We were overwhelmed and excited to have complete guidance and advise from Puan Fatimah Chik, our Senior Batik Lecturer of Malaysian Institute Of Art all through the project. She is always a person with great warmth and she is always a very helpful and supportive lecturer.

Rough sketches before the experimental pieces.

Experiments have been done with colours, techniques on different fabrics.

Getting the waves and water movement right with brush strokes are quite important. It looks great on the shawl for the men's design that can also be a wall hanging piece, reversable with shibori dye..different designs carefully planned at each side..

4 layers of the brightest colours for the fish scales.

When we were selected into the next level, we began to define the batik pattern design and ideas development, and colour experiments have been done before producing the actual pieces of batik hand drawn fabrics to be drafted, cut and sewn into garments.

Each pattern designed for each garment are engineered with every lines join perfectly at every seam and dart..which makes perfect picture of pattern all over the shapely drafted garments.. without any distortion. We have then gained the highest marks in this aspect.

The golden scales for the Prince.

Some salt effect to give some flow of the aqua blue sea water.

The colours were toned yet with multiple layers.

From the creatures to the waves, to the rocks at the bottom of the sea.

Each piece of the garments were carefully designed with engineered patterns that connects perfectly when every dart and side seam was sewn together. The colours were so stunningly bright and each design was perfectly cut. When we heard blusterous sound of applause from the backstage, we knew that our collection had made a statement!

Proudly presents the members of M.E.F.A.
Angelica, Ellie Ng(me) and May Low.

We were so glad that the models were so proud of us too!

Although we didn't win the grand price, being one of the top 8th grand finalist at national level wasn't that bad after all. The hard work were all worth the experience and fun.

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