Monday, March 29, 2010

Beadings, Hand Emboidery and Fabric Works

We custom made designs for hand beading and embroidery works
included patch lace and all sorts of fabric works. Every single details are well researched and made into perfection!

Silver glass beading on The King of Rock N' Roll,
Elvis Prestley's Golden suit..
for Alex Wong, Elvis Impersonator Malaysia..

The detailed hand embroidery and beading of the ever famous
'King's Suit'..
for Alex Wong, Elvis Impersonator Malaysia..

Sequined lace were cut, rearranged and patched on the
cotton satin Bridal Evening Dress..

Hand embroidery on a blouse..

Waves created with pin-tucks on linen
for Michelle Hee's Hi-Fashion Couture Dress..
Grand Prize Winner of MIFA' 2008

Sequins design on a simple Saree Blouse..

Beading design for a Punjabi Suit..

Hand stitch/smocking done fully on a 1m satin fabric for an additional..yet detachable collar for Rebecca Skinner's Evening Dress..

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