Friday, August 20, 2010

Wall Mural Painting Projects

It all starts from the most simple idea we did in the CASTOR & POLLUX Art Gallery..and now the business of wall mural arts have grown...

The white wall at CP Art Gallery.

The golden trees at CP Art Gallery.

Wall mural project at Ayam Penyet Bagus Restaurant,
Ampang Putra in July, 2010

Finishing the tree at the smoking area..

Malay Kampung House..outdoor...

The kampung environment...

Malay kampung house... indoor..

Malay kampung house... indoor..

For the gallery concept..
Idea picked from CASTOR & POLLUX Art Gallery.
__________ ,, __________

Wall mural painting for L.A.M.P. International Kids Academy,
Ampang Putra..end of July, 2010.

The artist's painting desk...

The Fishing Elf sitting on top of the Principal's door..

"We Are The Children Of Light.."

Teacher and Alien Kids...

The Ballerina Flamingo..


Activity rooms...

Drafting for the Beanstalk design made of 1" thick foam covered with PVC...
Tall grasses to cover the pillar to protect the children from knocking on it.


The covered pillar...

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